The  Pitching  Hour



Writers, pitch your story ideas to Jennifer Geist,

Publisher at Pen & Publish, Brick Mantel Books, Open Books Press & Transformation Media Books


Pen & Publish

*books for and by schools and nonprofits

*books requiring author services, such as formatting for print or eBooks, designing an author website, cover design, or editing


Brick Mantel Books

*literary fiction that is character-driven, engaging, provocative, lyrical, and artistic, as well as experimental, out-of-the-ordinary work

*contemporary, innovative poetry that pushes boundaries


Open Books Press

*general fiction for all ages and nonfiction for adults, including memoirs and YA/children's fiction


Transformation Media Books

*books in the Body/Mind/Spirit genres, including physical and mental health, spirituality, self-help, financial help books, inspirational, etc.







Open to any and all writers wishing to pitch their story ideas.


Get to the St. Louis Indie Book Fair early to assure your place.


You'll only have 2-minutes; make 'em count; practice your pitch.  Give them an overview and the highlights!


Have a sample chapter with you but do not offer it unless it is asked for.



Good Luck!

St. Louis Indie Book Fair, 2016


Registration and Guidelines



Pen Name:

Fiction or Nonfiction:



Notable awards:




Will you be available to read a short excerpt:


The second annual St. Louis Indie Book Fair will be held on Saturday, May 7th, 2016 from noon to 6pm at a location to be announced soon.


St. Louis Indie Book Fair will take no commission of any sales.

The fee for inclusion is $20 and includes the use of a 4' table and one chair.



• Authors must have a physical book to sell at the Fair.

• The published work/s can be in any genre, fiction or nonfiction.

• Even though this is being titled the Indie Book Fair, all published works are permitted, from professional to self to chapbooks.

• Authors are responsible for table skirting and signage.

• Signs can be no larger than 2X4 and cannot extend past 2' from the front of the   table.

• Authors are responsible for hanging/displaying signage.

• The author or a representative must be present at booth at all times.

• St. Louis Indie Book Fair will not be held responsible for any damage or lost merchandise.

• Authors must arrive by 11am for setup.  They will have one hour to break down and clean up at the   end.

• Authors will have the opportunity to read if they wish in a designated area.  St. Louis Indie Book Fair will determine the reading order.

• Multiple titles from a single author are acceptable.  Publishers please contact us to make special arrangements for representing your extended catalog.



If you'd like to participate then please fill out the information below and we'll send you the registration PDF.  Secured payment can be arranged through PayPal or check.


Thank you,

Mark Pannebecker