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In the literary world, there's a growing interest in finding ones niche. And it's no different for cafes, restaurants, and event venues. Specialized interests are usually filled through independent actors: smaller bookstores, cafes, intimate meeting places, indie authors, food trucks. People look for the unique and inspiring, and Mark Pannebecker's SiB Cafe will be focused on a genuine, fresh, and intimate approach to providing a safe bookstore, cafe, and event space. There is currently no venue in St. Louis that offers all three.


SiB Cafe will be the go-to place for bibliophiles, artists, and intellectuals, and people who like to socialize but don't do the bar scene and/or more introverted. We'll offer a variety of literary events in the evenings for people to gather and mingle with other like-minded people. Our walls will be stocked with books from indie authors for sale and to read on-premises while enjoying a coffee or tea with a small-plate food from a local vendor. We aim to be a safe public place to relax and chat with friends. The liquor license we'll hold is to generate revenue during our free literary events in the evening which will be varied in scope. A short list of the literary events we'll host is author readings and signings, book club meetings, lectures, poetry and salon-style spoken word performances (The Moth), and the St. Louis Indie Book Fair. We'll live-stream and podcast from the events and keep a strong presence online to strengthen and support our literary and creative community.

We hope you'll find inspiration, lasting friendships, and fond memories at the SiB Cafe.



Authors And Publishers Put Your Books In The SiB Cafe!

Greetings Indie Authors and Publishers!

Hello from Mark Pannebecker, author and founder of the St. Louis Indie Book Fair (SiB). I want to extend an invite for you to have your work represented in the SiB Café, an indie bookstore, artisan café, and small literary focused event space. We open in Nov 2020 (later if Covid-19 is still an issue) in St. Louis, and we’ll host author readings and signings for each author who’s interested in participating. The SiB Café will have an ongoing literary podcast and live-streaming of all events, yours included. We’ll also host The Moth type salon-style open mic, poetry/songwriter showcase open mic, lectures, discussions, book clubs/meetings, and other events that have a literary slant. We’ll have a liquor license, and our café will offer small plate foods, coffees, teas, and juices/smoothies.
We’ll sell your books on consignment with an 80/20 split, 80% of the price that you set will go to you. I welcome every title you have, every genre, fiction or non. Please send two copies of each title--though one copy per title would be fine if you're a publisher and have a large catalog, please contact me regarding that--postage paid, to:


Mark Pannebecker
3329 Michigan Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63118-2807


You can email me at if you have any questions.
I have a consignment contract below that you can download and print. Please include it with your shipment.

Thank you for your participation!

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