St. Louis Indie Book Fair 2015

To launch our inaugural event we chose the intimate settings of Nebula. Located in the heart of the Cherokee Street creative district, Nebula opened in 2010 as the first co-working space in St. Louis. Visit us at the Book Fair then stroll the bustling street of Cherokee and sample the food, drinks, and the unique merchandise available in the many small, locally owned businesses.

Authors and Panels

H.C. Beckerr - Reading: 1:20

  • Hills of Great Darkness (Christian Sci Fi)


Robert Holt - Reading: 1:40    

  • Death’s Disciples (Horror)

  • The Vegetarian Werewolf (Children’s)


Denise Mussman - Reading: 2:00

  • The Adventures of Buzz and Fuzz (Children’s)


John Bryant - Reading: 2:20

  • The National Average: Welcome to the Program             (Young Adult)                                       


Stache Publishing

  • Out of the Blue, edited by Marta Tanrikulu and Coray Fryia (Comic Anthology)

  • Tabula Rasa by Shane Crash (Horror Action)

  • Pretty Face by Anthony Mathenia (Romance Comic) 

  • Butterfly by Anthony Mathenia (Action Comic)

  • Ginormous by Drew Rose (Superhero Action Comic)

  • Gunpowder Witch by Jordan Williams (Alt-History Comic)

Writing Comics w/ Stache Publishing

Panel Discussion: 2:40 - 3:20                                        

Anthony Mathenia and Shane Crash from Stache Publishing will talk about writing comics.  Anthony and Shane share what got them interested in writing comics as novelists.  They'll describe their writing process and upcoming works.  They'll talk about what Stache is doing to expand and diversify comics by bringing in writers from genre fiction and nonfiction books.  A question and answer will follow.

Pat Piety - Reading: 3:20

  • Don’t Get Yourself Talked About (Memoir)

  • The Dance of Life (Essay, Short Story, Poetry collection)


Michael Rossi - Reading: 3:40

  • Off the Reservation: Stories I almost took to the Grave and Probably Should Have (Memoir)


Bruce A. Raisch - Reading: 4:00

  • Ghost Towns of Wyoming (Non Fiction/Travel, Adventure)

  • Ghost Towns of Idaho (Non Fiction/Travel, Adventure)

  • Haunted Hotels of the West (Non Fiction/Travel, Adventure)

  • Show Caves of the Ozarks (Non Fiction/Travel, Adventure)

  • Underground Treasure of the Black Hills (Non Fiction/Travel, Adventure)

  • Ghost Towns & Other Histroical Sites of the Black Hills (Non Fiction/Travel, Adventure)


Andrew Atherton - Reading: 4:20

  • Drafted: The Mostly True Tales of a Rear Echelon Mother F**cker (Historical Fiction/Vietnam)


Maggie Adams - Reading: 4:40                                  

  • Whistlin’ Dixie, book 1 Contemporary Romance

  • Leather and Lace, book 2 Contemporary Romance


April Floyd - Reading: 5:00

  • Unique (Family Saga)


K. Makansi, Marie Savage - Reading: 5:20


J.E. Billiot - Reading: 5:40

  • Monstrous (Horror Short Story collection)


Mark Pannebecker - Reading: 6:00

  • Motorcycle Boy Lives (Poetry)

  • Godsfood (Short Story collection)


Elva Maxine Beach - Reading: 6:20

  • Neurotica (Erotic Short Story, Poetry collection)


Mathew Freeman - Reading: 6:40

  • The Boulervard of Broken Discourse (Poetry)

  • Chthonic MRI and Other Poems (Poetry)


Elizabeth Donald

  • Nocturne Infernum (Horror/Mystery)

  • Dreadmire (Dark Fantasy)

  • Gethsemane (Horror)

  • Blackfire (Horror)

  • The Cold Ones (Horror)

  • Setting Suns (Short Story collection)


Jimmy Gillentine

  • Crossroads (Horror/Romance)

  • The Beast Within (Horror/Romance)


Deadly Writes Publishing

  • Killerwatt by Sharon Woods Hopkins (Mystery)

  • Killerfind by Sharon Woods Hopkins (Mystery)

  • Killertrust by Sharon Woods Hopkins (Mystery)

  • Killerground by Sharon Woods Hopkins (Mystery)

  • Courting Murder by Bill Hopkins (Mystery)

  • River Mourn by Bill Hopkins (Mystery)

  • Bloody Earth by Bill Hopkins (Mystery)

  • Forty & Out by C.L. Pauwels (Mystery)

  • Towboat Joe by Captain Joe Kent (Nonfiction Humor)

Amphorae Publishing Group/Walrus Publishing

  • Drafted: The Mostly True Tales of a Rear Echelon Mother F**cker by Andrew Atherton (Historical Fiction/Vietnam)

  • Iron Horseman by Brad R. Cook (YA/Steampunk) 

  • Beneath Still Waters by Cynthia Graham (Historical Fiction/Mystery, Crime)

  • A Bullet Apiece by John Joseph Ryan (Historical Fiction, Mystery/Crime)

  • Robot + Bike = Kitten by Joe Mohr (Children’s Picture/Poetry)

  • Odin’s Child by Bruce Macbain (Historical Fiction/Viking Saga)

  • Code Name: Infamy by Leland Shanle (Historical Fiction/War & Military)

  • Counterfeit by Scott L. Miller (Mystery/Crime)

  • Interrogation by Scott L. Miller (Mystery/Crime)

  • Broken Homes and Gardens by Rebecca Kelley (Contemporary/Romance)

  • Gravity Box by Mark Tiedemann (Sci-Fi)

  • Never Hug a Nun by Kevin Kelleen (Humor)

  • Try to Kiss a Girl by Kevin Kelleen (Humor)

  • Fail by Rick Skwiot (Mystery/Crime)

  • Dancing with Gravity by Anene Tressler (Literary Fiction)

  • A Matter of Mercy by Lynne Hugo (Cont. Women’s Literary Fiction)

  • Slant of Light by Steve Wiegenstein (Historical Fiction)

  • This Old World by Steve Wiegenstein (Historical Fiction)

  • Off the Leash by Jean Ellen Whatley (Memoir)


Pen & Publish, Inc.Open Books Press, and Transformation Media Books

  • Confessions of an Imperfect Caregiver by Bobbi Carducci (Memoir/Caregiving)

  • When Nothing Else Was Right: A Dana Sloan Mystery by Carol Costa (Mystery) 

  • Turtle’s Dream by Delphina Nova, Illustrated by Curtis Yanito (Children’s)

  • The Eternal Struggle: Two Worlds, One War by James Rourke (Metaphysical fantasy)

  • Yü: A Ross Lamos Mystery by Joy Shayne Laughter (Mystery/Historical Fiction)

  • Ever Faithful to His Lead: My Journey Away from Emotional Abuse by Kathleen Pooler  (Memoir/Domestic Abuse)

  • Change of Heart: A Black Man, a White Woman, a Heart Transplant, and a True Love Story by Mitchell Fink (Biography)

  • Coyote-Meeter’s Abyss by Robert L. Hunton (Children’s, YA)

  • Gift of the Desert Dog by Robert L. Hunton (Children’s, YA)

  • Beyond Theory: Practical Strategies Making a Difference in Schools by Tyrone Olverson, Dr. Catherine L. Barnes, and Scott Taylor (Educational Theory)

  • Bloomington Then & Now: A Bloomington Fading Project by Derek Richey & Jennifer Sommer-Richey (Local History)

  • Rita the Boot-Neck Girl by Gracie & Elena Desserich, Keith Desserich; Illustrated by Joshua Thompson (Children’s)

  • Maggie Ray: World War II Air Force Pilot by Marsha J. Wright (History)

  • The Write Time: 366 Exercises to Fulfill Your Writing Life by Robert Yehling (Writing Prompts)

  • Dear Men: Insights on Women by Tammy D. Thompson & Nekay Smith (Humor)

  • Tragedy in Sedona: My Life in James Arthur Ray’s Inner Circle by Connie Joy (True Crime)

  • Eat It Up! The Complete Mind/Body/Spirit by Connie Stapleton, Ph.D. (Weight Loss/Nutrition/Self-Help)

  • Sooner or Later: Restoring Sanity to Your End-of-Life Care by Damiano de Sano Iocovozzi  (Health/Caregiving)

  • Healing from Heaven: A Healer’s Guide to the Universe by Daniel Ryan (Spiritual Healing/Self-Help)

  • The Key of Life: A Metaphysical Investigation by Randolph J. Rogers (Philosophy/Metaphysics)