Exploring the Unique Culture and Attractions of St. Louis, Missouri

Explore St. Louis' unique culture & attractions! From The Gateway Arch & Missouri Botanical Garden to Anheuser-Busch InBev & Busch Stadium - there's something for everyone!

Exploring the Unique Culture and Attractions of St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis is a major city located near the Mississippi River and the Missouri River, renowned for its unique blend of Midwestern and Southern culture. It is popular for its location near rivers and for its lush vegetation and stunning scenery. The indigenous people of the area constructed numerous residential embankment mounds and temples on both sides of the Mississippi River, earning the city the nickname Mound City.

The main earthworks of St. Louis, known as the Cahokia Mounds, are the regional center. Today, St. Louis is considered the cultural and economic hub of Missouri with its majestic cityscape and captivating architecture.

It experiences extreme temperatures, most often with a humid, subtropical temperature and a hot, humid continental climate during the summer. If there's anything you should know about St. Louis, it's that this city loves beer. Their production of beer products is overwhelming and they are sold locally, nationally and globally. Essentially, it's home to roughly 22 different brewing companies, each of which produces a wide range of products in massive volumes.

It is also known as the North American headquarters of Anheuser-Busch InBev, considered one of the largest beer companies in the world. They even organize a festival dedicated to the beer culture of St. Louis. One of the most iconic symbols of St. Louis is The Gateway Arch, located on the west bank of the Mississippi River.

It memorializes its role as a gateway to the west that began with the westward expansion of the United States era and a symbol commemorating the purchase of Louisiana by the late President Thomas Jefferson in the early 19th century. You'll learn all this and more at the Museum at the Gateway Arch, which is located on the mezzanine floor. Central West End is a vibrant district that's one of the best places to visit in St. Louis. It's home to a wide range of services and attractions, not to mention the charming dining scenes.

Here, visitors can get their caffeine fix in cozy coffee shops, purchase paintings from world-class galleries, and flip through bookstore pages. Cinemas and clubs are also available for visitors looking for entertainment. If you visit in late April or early May, you can participate in the annual Augusta Plein Air art festival. If you're interested in gathering local artists along with the sound of music and good food, take part in the Richmond Heights ArtFest. If you like wines, visit during the Fine Arts Fair and Winefest festival.

These and many more festivals await you in St. Louis. St. Louis is also very proud of its baseball team - The Cardinals - which competes in Major League Baseball as an active member of the Central Division of the National League. If you want to see them in action, head to Busch Stadium and watch them play an exciting game of baseball.

On record, The Cardinals have 11 victories in World Series championships and 13 division titles in Central and East categories. The interior of St. Louis' Old Cathedral is adorned with objects from its rich history and there is a museum in its basement that contains more artifacts. It features a Romanesque Neo-Byzantine and Renaissance style, and is most famous for its 41.5 million glass tiles that make up an enormous mosaic art installation. Considered one of America's top attractions, St. Louis Zoo aims to teach Americans a better understanding of animals and wildlife.

In total, approximately three million tourists visit this zoo every year - it's a safe haven for approximately 17,000 animals, most of them endangered or rare species. If you have free time, be sure to visit this paradise and bring your children to see these friendly companions - watch as they marvel at different exhibits while enjoying shopping and dining with family. If you're thinking of a wonderful family activity, why not book this fantastic Saint Louis' World Aquarium tour package? It's an activity that kids and kids-at-heart are sure to love - enjoy a good time meeting some friendly colleagues while understanding their lifestyle. In addition to its wonderful cityscape, fantastic tourist attractions and exquisite beer culture, St. Louis also has wonderful art festivals - whether you're a natural artist or an artist at heart, you'll appreciate this city's art scene. If you want to learn about its history and culture, it's best to include visits to historic monuments such as The Gateway Arch, Missouri Botanical Garden and City Museum in your travel itinerary - located along Mississippi River, St. Louis is an upscale modern city with plenty of activities to try.

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