Exploring Authors from St. Louis, Missouri Featured on Radio Shows and Podcasts

Discover authors from St. Louis, Missouri featured on radio shows & podcasts such as Louis on the Air, St. Louis Post-Dispatch & Missouri Freedom Center.

Exploring Authors from St. Louis, Missouri Featured on Radio Shows and Podcasts

St. Louis, Missouri is a hub of creativity and home to a plethora of authors who have been featured on radio shows and podcasts. George Sirois, the creator of the character Excelsior, is one such author whose two-hour audio drama has become a hit with listeners.

Louis on the Air

is a popular radio show that provides a platform for guests and listeners to share their ideas and opinions in an open and respectful environment.

The show covers a range of topics, from exploring the issues facing the region to discussing the latest advances in science and technology, delving into local history, and interviewing authors, artists, and musicians. Sports fans can tune into St. Louis Post-Dispatch, where baseball writer Derrick Goold and other columnists and reporters discuss the St. Louis Cardinals, Major League Baseball, and other related topics. The show also looks at the future of the Cardinals through current perspectives and drafts from the past. The Missouri Freedom Center is another great source for authors from St.

Louis. Dave Roland, Director of Litigation at the Center, has a bachelor's degree from Missouri State University and a master's degree from Missouri State University in elementary education. Susan McGraugh is the Director of the Criminal Defense Legal Clinic in St. Louis. In celebration of Missouri's bicentennial, a four-part podcast series was created to explore the forces that have shaped and will shape the region and state of Kansas City.

The people of Missouri are eager to bet on their favorite teams, but they must cross state lines to do so.

The Louis Jewish Book Festival

is another great source for authors from St. Four major authors will headline the 45th annual book festival in November. One of them is Shuls, an adjunct professor of educational leadership and political studies at the University of Missouri. Sarah Kellogg is a political and House of Representatives reporter for St.

Louis Public Radio who analyzes supporters and opponents of sports betting in Missouri, as well as where revenues from sports betting are going and what could change with the participation of the state's most important sports teams.

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