Exploring the Writing Courses Offered by Universities in St. Louis, Missouri

Explore universities offering courses on authors from St Louis Missouri such as Southern New Hampshire University Lindenwood University & University Of Missouri - St Louis.

Exploring the Writing Courses Offered by Universities in St. Louis, Missouri

The 26% School of Continuing Professional Studies offers a 16-unit certificate in creative writing for those who want to explore in depth and achieve. Comparative Literature and Comparative Arts students find internships and jobs, in the United States and abroad, where they research, write and edit, or teach, while gaining experience and learning about fields as diverse as the environment and the arts and entertainment industries. Specializations in comparative literature can enter degree programs in professional fields including journalism, law, library science, and business. Students can study Education to become certified to teach literature or languages at a high school.

Or they can earn a postgraduate degree in comparative literature or national literature in preparation for a career in teaching and research at a college or university. The English department at Saint Louis University has several undergraduate programs that offer or participate in offering B. A. In English with secondary education certification, and B.

S. In secondary education with an area of emphasis in English. The department also offers a specialization in English. In addition, students with any specialization at the university can obtain a writing certificate so that they can demonstrate their training in creative, journalistic, or technical writing. The University of Missouri - St.

Louis Writing Certificate Program is a nationally recognized program that allows students to develop and refine their writing skills, knowledge, and experience. Its graduates, among the best writers of the St. Louis area, are appreciated by business executives, publishers and community leaders who understand the value of excellence in language and communication skills. At SLU, the Department of English trains students in the practice of writing and the study of literature. They engage in the art of language in its full range of expressions, encouraging encounters with emerging technologies, diverse cultures and marginalized voices.

Their diverse faculty has developed extensive experience exploring a world that is equally filled with diverse types of texts. Their method is to work with their students to develop individual avenues of research, which often stem from their own research and publications, so that they can understand the world of textuality. The study of literature and culture must involve a reckoning with historical violence. In reference to their local history, they began by recognizing that Saint Louis University is located on the ancestral lands of the Osage Nation, Missouria and the Illini Confederacy, which were unjustly expelled; and that their community is the beneficiary of that removal. They honor their heritage and what they teach us about land stewardship. The English department addresses issues of economic justice, racial and gender equity, LGBTQ+ rights, and ecological thinking at all levels of their curriculum. Their courses include texts and voices that have been historically marginalized. By reading canonical works, they examine the colonial context in which much of the literature in English was produced.

Their courses often include advocacy projects and service-learning components that connect students to social justice issues in their city and region. Finally, they recognize that opportunities for higher education in the United States are not evenly distributed. This is particularly true in the case of a private institution such as Saint Louis University. In light of this inequity, the English Department welcomes opportunities to share their resources, experience and love for learning with the wider community.

Universities Offering Courses on Authors from St. Louis

Are you looking for an opportunity to develop your creativity while gaining practical skills? Consider pursuing a degree program in creative writing through a bachelor's degree from Southern New Hampshire University or Lindenwood University.

The University of Missouri - St Louis is also an excellent choice for students seeking a degree in writing studies. Truman State is a public university with a small student population located in Kirksville while UMKC is a large public university located in Kansas City. The University of Washington in St. Louis is one of the best schools in the United States to earn a degree in writing studies.

Women In Literature Course

Women In Literature is an advanced-level course offered by universities across St.

Louis which explores women's experiences as authors and characters in local, national and international literature. Each student will take five 3-credit courses (300 or more), including three courses dedicated to mastering the art of writing in the chosen specialty genre, a course mainly focused on reading and analyzing literature of that genre, and a course on a second genre. The course will provide practice in accent, rhythm and intonation patterns as well as annoying consonant and vowel sounds. The reading and writing activities will focus on three horror units as described in The Dark Descent; covering the last 100 years of the genre; consisting of several short stories.

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